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  • Please just bring yourself to Kyo-kimono Momiji.
  • You could go sightseeing as soon as dressing kimono at Kyo-kimono Momiji.
  • Please visit Kyo-kimono Momiji as soon as arriving at Kyoto. Kyo-kimono Momiji would keep your belongings such as bags or shoes.

Photo list for kimono and yukata Kimono and yukata photo list

  • A couple at Hanami koji
  • Two girls at Kiyomizu-dera
  • Two girls at Ninen-zaka
  • Foreign tourists at Ninen-zaka
  • A Chinese couple at Sannen-zaka
  • Three girls at Ninen-zaka
  • A couple at Kiyomizu-zaka
  • Two girls at Ninen-zaka
  • One girl is in flower patterns and other girl is in white
  • The gentle man is in blue and the lady is in white
  • Two girls wear kimono with flower patterns
  • A Hong Konger wears kimono
  • Two girls wear  white kimono
  • Two girls wear kimono at Yasaka shrine
  • Beautiful ladies from Aichi prefecture.
  • Two girls at Hanami koji

The popular rental kimono combos at Kyo-kimono Momiji

Regular combo
Regular set
women man

Regular combo

Discount by internet 3,000 yen (tax excluded)
Regular combo is the most popular at Kyo-kimono Momiji, which provides enormous selection of hitoe (unlined kimono) and awase (lined kimono). We are offering varieties of kimono ranging from modern kimono to high-grade kimono and colorful kimono. This combo covers all items for kimono. Of course, it contains bag, tabi (socks), geta or setta (shoes) and accessories for kimono. Please just bring yourself.
Hair styling set
Hair styling set

Hair styling combo

4,500 yen (tax excluded)
If you would like to have hair styling for kimono, we recommend hair styling combo. Our experienced Kyoto hair stylists create cute hairstyle to match your rental kimono. You could not only select hairstyle from our catalog but also order original hair style you have imagined in advance.
Couple’s set
Couple’s set
women man

Couple’s combo

6,500 yen (tax excluded)
Couple’s combo is applicable to special discount for man and woman-couples. It is 6,500 yen(tax excluded)for two people at this combo. (It is 7,000 yen(tax excluded)for two people at regular combo.)
If you plan Kyoto tourism with your partner, we highly recommend this combo. It’s possible to apply for this combo after visiting the shop. Please feel free to ask us.
Of course, ladies with kimono are beautiful for dating. However, if both lady and gentleman wear kimono, it looks more picturesque.
Please take Instagram worthy photos with your partner in Kyoto by all means!
Yukata set
Yukata set
women man

Yukata combo

2,500 yen (tax excluded)
Speaking of Kyoto summer, Gion-Festival and Daimonji (bonfires on five mountains) are famous traditional events.
If you would like to wear yukata for event in Kyoto, we recommend yukata combo.
Why don’t you enjoy elegant and tasteful Kyoto with rental yukata?
This combo contains yukata and all necessary items for yukata such as obi (belt), geta (shoes), money pouch and underwear. Please just bring yourself.
We keep your baggage while you go sightseeing.

Rental prices includes Rental Set
Provided items by our rental service

Kimono, yukata, obi, underwear, back, drawstring purse, clogs, sandals, tabi

As for a lot of pretty options As for a lot of pretty options

Hair ornament 500 yen (tax-included)
Ornamental braid 500 yen (tax-included)

Kyo-kimono Momiji conveniently provides rental kimono for one day Kyoto trip traveler!

Kyo-kimono Momiji opens from morning (10 the earliest) to 7 p.m.

Kyo-kimono Momiji are offering more than 100 varieties of Kyoto rental kimono for reasonable price with ease, which is near major station.

You could create your own kimono styling from luxury kimono, antique design kimono, simple design kimono and modern design kimono matched koto (ancient town, Kyoto).

Kyo-kimono Momiji is providing enormous reasonable kimono, fashionable kimono and high-class kimono.

Why don’t you enjoy koto (ancient town, Kyoto) with one day Kyoto rental kimono experience and feel like being yamato nadeshiko (authentic Japanese lady)? Kyo-kimono Momiji are providing many varieties of services for tourism with your friends, family trip and dating with your partner.

Kyo-kimono Momij also welcome you to use Kyoto rental kimono for graduation ceremony and coming of age ceremony and tourism in Kyoto from foreign countries.

Also, more and more one-day-Kyoto-trip tourists are enjoying rental kimono these days.

Please contact us on the day in which you would like to wear rental kimono even without reservation in advance.

Which kimono rental shop is best in Kimono? Why Kyo-kimono momiji?
Which kimono rental shop is best in Kimono? Why Kyo-kimono momiji?

more than reasonable100 kinds of collection!! | kimono rental Kyoto

Kyo-kimono momiji offers several hundreds types of rental kimono !

Kyo-kimono Momiji are providing brand-new types of kimono with every season. You could select seasonal rental kimono. We are offering varieties of rental kimono ranging from fashionable and modern design kimono to chic design kimono and cute kimono with a small embroidered design in one spot. Our way of making an obi (belt) knot is unique. Our kimono dressing service is not also speedy but also beautiful and gorgeous which will be great for Instagram to take the photo from your back.
5 minutes to famous tourism spots!! | kimono rental Kyoto

Kyo-kimono momiji is located around popular area in Kyoto!!

Kyoto kimono momiji is located around popular area. It’s easy access to Kyoto station, Gion Shijyō area, Kawaramachi area and Kiyomizu-dera temple within 10 minutes by bus.
Besides, since it’s near major stations, It’s possible to visit tourism spots walking and seeing Kyoto town scape. If you choose your hotel at the center of Kyoto city, you could visit our shop in no time. If you stay around Kitayama area, katsura area or Arashiyama area, you could take train or bus and then walk for about 5 minutes to visit the shop. We are offering numerous costume collections adult-like kimono to cute kimono.
Kyo-kimono momiji covers service for customers in all generation such as students to 50s, who are enjoying Kyoto kimono experience.
Professional kimono stylists!! | kimono rental Kyoto

Kimono rental Kyoto offers professional kimono dressing service!!

Kyo-kimono Momiji stylists would present how to deal with some accident for your rental kimono. For example, Kimono will sometimes lose its shape. All Kyo-kimono Momiji stylists are professional. Kyo-kimono Momiji stylists would show you a beautiful way of walking with kimono and how to tidy kimono up in case your kimono lose its shape.
We keep your luggage for free

Kyo-kimono momiji keeps your luggage for free of charge

If you carry your baggage while wearing rental kimono, such a precious occasion will be ruined. Kyo-kimono momiji keeps your baggage (shoes, bag pack, shoes and so on)for free of charge.
Souvenir pictures for Free

Kyo-kimono momiji presents Instagenic and photogenic spots for kimono

It’s a precious occasion for you to visit Kyoto! You should grasp Instagenic and photogenic spots. Kyo-kimono momiji is presenting recommended Kyoto tourism spots for your kimono styling.
  • The garden in Tōfuku-ji temple(1)
  • The garden in Tōfuku-ji temple(2)
  • Yasaka Kōshin-dō hall
  • kimono forest
It is given a reservationless response even the day before on that day.

It is given a reservationless response even the day before on that day.

It is to the person of the tourist whom I notice that there are many people dressed in the kimono in the middle of Kyoto sightseeing, and oneself wants to experience at all a lot there.
I correspond to the person who wants to experience a kimono on such day in MOMIJI.
A reservation is possible on the telephone even from the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I get my rental kimono dirty, how is the matter handled?

Since our rental kimono combo covers cleaning fee for common accidental occasion (caused by rain or cosmetics and so on), it’s not necessary to pay additional charge.

It costs additional 5,000 yen(tax excluded)for irreparable dirty or damage.

What time is the kimono rental shop open until?

We would like you to come back to the shop until 7 p.m.

In case you return your rental kimono after 7 p.m. or next day, it cost additional charge (1,000 yen(tax excluded)).

How long does it take to dress kimono?

It usually takes from one hour to one and half hour.

In some season, the shop is crowded. We sincerely apologize we sometime ask you to wait in a while.

More Frequently Asked questions are here .

Flow of kimono rental

Please see flow of kimono rental from reservation to return.

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