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No.01 Why don’t you walk around Kyoto with elegant hair style matched kimono?

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Hair styling combo
4,500 yen(tax excluded)

This combo covers hair styling with rental kimono.

You could select from 8 kinds of hairstyle from our catalogue with your favorite kimono and accessories for kimono.

The details of the rental to a rental flow .

Flow Flow of kimono rental

Look at a common question about return time and the plan change.

Rental prices includes Rental Set
Provided items by our rental service

Kimono, yukata, obi, underwear, back, drawstring purse, clogs, sandals, tabi

To force it to an A in a declining trend chignon lightly!

Though I only knit it, it is absolutely elegant !!

A twist is so gorgeous just to have improved!

Braided side up! It is so elegant even if I knit it!

I arrange formal-evening-party hairstyle like an adult clearly!

A twist is so gorgeous just to have improved!

Street view in the shop
Street view in the shop

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