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Kyoto rental kimono combo for gentlemen

Kyo-kimono Momiji is providing varieties of collection, ranging from simple to plain and stylish design Kyoto rental kimono.

Gentlemen’s combo
4,000 yen(tax excluded)

Let’s take a walk in Kyoto.

Please have a nice time with cool Kyoto rental kimono.

This combo offers trendy Kyoto rental kimono for gentlemen.

Kyo-kimono Momiji is providing perfect coordinates including jackets, shoes and bags.

※This combo includes socks.

As for the couple, a couple combo is advantageous.

couple combo couple combo.

The details of the rental to a rental flow .

Flow Flow of kimono rental

Look at a common question about return time and the plan change.

Rental prices includes Rental Set
Provided items by our rental service

Kimono, yukata, obi, underwear, back, drawstring purse, clogs, sandals, tabi

Street view in the shop
Street view in the shop

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Kyoto rental kimono | Gentlemen’s combo

The important points to select gentlemen’s rental kimono

The important point to select gentlemen’s kimono is whether the length of kimono fits his height.
You should not select the kimono if it not suits your height . It’s not good selection, even though you like color or pattern of kimono.
Is that so?
It’s the most important thing.
It’s possible to wear longer kimono than your height by making the length short. However, the kimono will end up losing its shape after you wear it for a certain time.
But it’s O.K. to shorten and hide long kimono by part of obi (belt) if you only wear kimono to take some photos for a short time.
The worst thing is that length of kimono is too short.
What a clown! (LOL)
If the length of kimono is shorter than your height, it looks like kimono for children.
For adult, it looks mismatch and spoils kimono style.
Please coordinate your kimono style under that presumption at the very beginning. We recommend gentlemen to be careful in selecting the string tied across the open chest of a haori(short coat for formal kimono) .
What points we should be care about?
When you wear haori (short coat for formal kimono), you always have to put the string. The string stands out and affects overall impression on gentlemen’s kimono.
In terms of the string, it’s like a necktie in western style. There are three types of string, marukumi (braids in circles)” “hirakumi (plain braids)” and “musou (braids with stone-balls)”.
Otoko kimono no Kato shoten
You could find “marukumi (braids in circles)”, “hirakumi (plain braids)”, “musou (braids with stone-balls)” from the left on above photo.
One is attached with tassel. Other one is not attached with tassel. For casual kimono, you had better select the braid without tassel. (We use braids with tassel for formal occasion.)
Otoko no kimono daizen FUJIKIYA
By using musou (braid with stone-balls), kimono looks fashionable.
Moreover, there are other types, for example, braids with natural stones. And as a unique type, some people use braids with silver chain.
yosooi no michi online shop Rakuten
It’s a rockstyle, isn’t it.
Yeah, it is.
There are varieties of braids, which affect expressing your charm. Focusing on these points, please look at photos illustrating recommended gentlemen’s Kyoto rental kimono as coordinate samples.

photoshoot 1

kimono-ya Kururi
On this photo, this gentleman wears denim kimono which is popular these days. It’s a 100-percent-cotton kimono.
Denim kimono!? Sounds cool!
Even though they are made of denim, they are comfort and soft. They are appropriate to regular occasion such as walking on streets in Kyoto. Since they are the smooth texture and fit the skin, it’s nice for everyone to wear.
It sounds nice.
If you wear it with check pattern haori (short coat for formal kimono) like the photo, you could enjoy Kyoto rental kimono creating friendly atmosphere.
If you would like to wear kimono creating casual coordinate, we recommend you to select plain obi (belt) or accessories, not posh one.
I See.
On the photo, the man use kaku-obi (white stiff belt) and hirakumi (plain braids) for haori (short coat for formal kimono), which are simple.
On this photoshoot, braid for haori (short coat for formal kimono) is used as accent color. However, that color doesn’t stand out so much in this photoshoot’s case. This subtle color as small accent is familiar with overall atmosphere.
And tweed flat caps or hats match kimono well.
It’s also interesting to select Kyoto rental kimono which match your own tweed flat caps or hats.
Yeah, it’s interesting, isn’t it.

photoshoot 2

On this photoshoot 2, the coordinate is very different from above photoshoot 1. He wears kimono neatly.
Yes, it is.
Like this photoshoot 2, you could create formal impression same color of nagagi (ankle-length traditional Japanese garment) and haori (short coat for formal kimono) . The coordinate of this photoshoot is recommended for gentlemen who prefer to create calm atmosphere.
On this photoshoot 2, the gentleman looks as if a professor of traditional Japanese tea-serving or flower arrangement.
The standard color would be deep blue or gray on kimono coordinate. Like this photoshoot, if you use light brown, it would be unique and interesting.
On this photoshoot 2, he uses similar color of obi (belt) and braid for haori (short coat for formal kimono). elegant if you use same tone for whole coordinate like the photoshoot.
He uses musou (braids with stone-balls), doesn’t he.
It seems that his Kyoto kimono suits marukumi (braids in circles) or hirakumi (plain braids) as well. However, by using musou (braids with stone-balls), he matches brown kimono, which doesn’t look too formal . Hence, he creates elegant atmosphere like a Japanese traditional professor.
On this photoshoot 2, he creates one of the standard coordinate for gentlemen’s Kyoto rental kimono which covers various styles, ranging from casual to semi-formal. This style expresses both serious attitude and a sense of fun.

photoshoot 3

Kimono coordinates of the haori of the thick amorous glances that are plain to the kimono of the Ichimatsu doll pattern
Otoko kimono no Kato shoten
On this photoshoot 3, this coordinate expresses a sense of fun for wearing Kyoto kimono.
The checkered pattern kimono looks unique and fashionable. However, if you wear this nagagi (ankle-length traditional Japanese garment) without haori (short coat for formal kimono), it looks gaudy.
If you wear plain pattern and dark color of haori (short coat for formal kimono), it looks calm like this photoshoot.
I’m sure you are right.
This gentleman uses a black obi (belt) which is same color of his kimono.
In case that the pattern of kimono stands out like this photoshoot 2, you should select plain pattern of obi (belt) or haori (short coat for formal kimono). . It brings out charm of the pattern of kimono.
He uses musou (braids with stone-balls).
There are various types of musou (braids with stone-balls). It’s nice for patterned kimono to select a simple type of braid.
For the same reason, it’s also nice to select marukumi (braids in circles) or hirakumi (plain braids) which is similar color of kimono. (In case of this photoshoot, he uses grey color of braid.)
Since each person prefers each taste, you should select your favorite one.

photoshoot 4
Photoshoot 4 is extra edition.
On this photoshoot, He wears kimono without haori (short coat for formal kimono). This style is called “kinagashi”.
It looks more casual than wearing Kyoto kimono with haori (short coat for formal kimono).
That’s right.
Hence, if you wear hat or scarf , you could express your sense of fun and uniqueness like this photoshoot.
If you would like to contain playful mood, this kimono is one of the best selections.
Men have extremely less opportunities to wear kimono than women.
Some people have never experienced kimono except for yukata at ryokan (Japanese style hotel).
Me neither.
I was sure you have never experienced it. (LOL)
In Kyoto, they offer “kimono passport” . If we have “kimono passport”, we could get a lot of profitable benefit, such as discount of administration fee at some temples or benefit gifts by shopping at some shops.
Yeah, I know they offer “kimono passport”. You could have a lot of profitable benefit by using Kyoto rental kimono.
You are truly right.
This must be one of the reason you should wear kimono. Please take this Kyoto tourism chance to have interest in kimono and discover your new charm.
By the way, it is said that gentlemen with an imposing build match kimono very well.
If you are a slim gentleman, you should wrap a towel around the belly wearing kimono.
By doing this, obi (belt) is going to be stable and you look cool.
For a gentleman who concerned about how your belly hangs out, perhaps, you should look for your Kyoto rental kimono which matches your style for bringing out your charm. It might be better than going on a diet.
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