The rental kimono which there is more than 100 kinds

Flow of rental

  • Reservation
  • Dressing kimono
  • Sightseeing with kimon
  • Return kimono

Even when you plan to use kimono or yukata rental shop first time, please feel easy. we are presenting detail of our policy from flow of rental to return or cancellation on this page.




Kyo-kimono momiji recommend making a reservation in advance since we hope our valuable customers enjoy Kyoto tourism without hustle.

Please inform us of your preferred time by online booking form or phone.

Online booking is available for kimono rental procedure, ranging from selecting combo to paying by credit card.

Please reserve from here.

There is no time like the present! You could make a reservation by 2 pm on the day, if there is available. In case you come nearby, please visit Kyo-kimono momiji.

Additionally, only Japanese is available for talking on the phone.

We apologize in advance.

The kimono rental shop is especially crowded for spring sakura (cherry blossoms) season and autumn momiji (maples) season.

We recommend making a reservation in advance.



We welcome you to our Kyoto rental kimono shop, Kyo-kimono momiji.

If you have anything to ask us, please feel free to ask by phone.

Please come to our kimono rental shop 5 minutes ahead of your reservation time.

Please just bring yourself unless you select particular combos.

ID card (passport or credit card, and so on) is necessary to identify yourself.

③Selection(20 minutes)

③Selection(20 minutes)



④Dress(20 minutes)

④Dress(20 minutes)

You could start kimono dressing as soon as finishing procedure.

Kyo-kimono momiji have space for kimono dressing.

Kyo-kimono momiji staffs speedily commit to kimono dressing without much pain.

Your obi will be tightly put to not loose kimono’s shape.

It takes about 30 minutes for one person to complete kimono dressing.

It’s difficult to go to the restroom during kimono dressing.

We would like you to go to the restroom before starting kimono dressing.



The experienced professional hair stylists make your cute hairstyle matched to your rental kimono.

Kyo-kimono momiji are providing broad selection and speedy dressing service for our valuable customers. Keeping the shape of your kimono for all day long, you could enjoy Kyoto tourism with relief.



Why don’t you try photoshoot in the shop or in front of shop after wearing Kyoto rental kimono?

For your Kyoto tourism memories, Kyo-kimono momiji will send you the photos of high quality imagine resolution by email later as optional service.

If you allow us to upload your photos on homepage, free blog or SNS of Kyo-kimono momiji, we provide photoshoot by free of charge. Since we also do it by your own cameras, please feel free to ask our staffs.



Let’s enjoy Kyoto tourism as soon as completing your preparations.

please refer to [Kyoto tourism in kimono] Selected 5 popular spots for recommended 1 day trip for walk.



Please come back to our shop by 19:00 unless you register for rent for 1night2days optional service.

In case you register for rent 1night2days optional service, please return your rental kimono by 14:00. It costs additional 1,000 yen(tax excluded). Please be understanding of this matter.

As for the couple, a couple combo is advantageous.

couple combo couple combo.

It keeps all by a Regular combo

Regular combo Regular combo

The person wanting you to set it, please choose the Hair styling combo .

ヘアセットプラン Hair styling combo
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