Service contents

Service contents
Yukata combo I include an ornamental hairpin, a yukata, an obi, underwear for yukatas, a basket drawstring purse, clogs

Kyo-kimono Momiji provides various multicolored selection of Kyoto rental yukata, ranging from modern and front-line type to classical Japanese, Western style and nostalgic design.

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Yukata combo
2,500 yen(tax excluded)

Kyo-kimono Momiji offers yukata kimono from June to September.

Please just bring yourself. Yukata combo provides all necessary items for yukata.

Why don’t you enjoy Gion-festival, Daimonji (bonfires on five mountains) and various summer events in Kyoto with yukata?

As for the couple, a couple combo is advantageous.

couple combo couple combo.

The details of the rental to a rental flow .

Flow Flow of kimono rental

Look at a common question about return time and the plan change.

Rental prices includes Rental Set
Provided items by our rental service

Kimono, yukata, obi, underwear, back, drawstring purse, clogs, sandals, tabi

Street view in the shop
Street view in the shop

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haori (short coat for formal kimono) haori (short coat for formal kimono)

hair accessorie hair accessories

As optional rental service, Kyo-kimono Momiji provides haori (short coat for formal kimono) for cold season, cute hair accessories and other varieties of items.

You could create more gorgeous and elegant coordinate by using additional accessories matched kimono or yukata.

Yukata combo | How to select your Kyoto rental yukata kimono

Speaking of Japanese summer costume, yukata is the most popular.
Recommended coordinate selection for Kyoto rental yukata will be presented by Kyo-kimono Momiji on this page.

The important points for selecting rental yukata

When you select your Kyoto rental yukata kimono, you should consider below these points.
  • Freshness
  • Skin tone
  • Size of pattern for the height
These 3 points are important.
Since there are various kinds of yukata, it’s difficult to select. Even though you pick the cute one you like, it sometimes happens that your skin stone doesn’t match it.
I know what you mean.
As opposed to western clothing, there are only few yukata with plain pattern. It’s difficult to find wiser choice.
Of course, you should select your favorite yukata, which is the most important thing. However, if you consider above 3 points, you could look for your Kyoto rental yukata kimono which matches your atmosphere.

〈How to create freshness atmosphere.〉

You should select less than 3 colors if you could.
If you would like to use red, you should use it as an accent color. You should avoid red for wide range of fabric such as grand color or main color.

〈How to select yukata matched skin tone.〉

The ladies who have fair skin match almost every color.
The ladies who have tanned skin should select white pattern or bright tone. It’s a low risk choice to avoid deep blue or black.

〈How to select size of pattern for the height.〉

The short ladies should select small pattern considering overall balance.
On the other hand, the tall ladies should select large pattern considering creating elegant atmosphere.
Now, let’s look at some of recommended coordinate following above points.

Kyoto rental yukata kimono coordinate(1)

This lady wears yukata kimono with pattern of hexagonal snow shape and obi (belt) with thin striped pattern, expressing refreshing coordinate.
It can be said that coordinate in dark blue as grand color and white pattern would be the standard combination for yukata kimono. It’s possible to change the atmosphere depending on obi (belt).
It’s better for ladies who have dark skin to use only few colors in whole coordinate. This lady in this photoshoot creates elegant atmosphere by using white obi (belt).
It’s elegant, isn’t it.
Of course, the ladies who have fine skin also look beautiful on this coordinate. And it would be cute by using red, yellow or pink for obi (belt).
It’s the recommended coordinate for ladies who are tall since the pattern of yukata kimono is quite large.
Since the tone of yukata kimono and obi (belt) are moderate, the red bag looks cute as accent color.
It’s cute, isn’t it.

Kyoto rental yukata kimono coordinate (2)

Since this yukata kimono uses orange as grand color, it is a bit rare type.
In the case that yukata kimono uses warm colors as grand color like this photoshoot, you should select cold colors or whitish color for obi (belt). That is the way of creating elegant atmosphere.
On this photoshoot, the lady selects light blue for obi (belt). The light blue is contained in color of pattern of yukata, isn’t it.
That’s right.
In case that your yukata kimono uses a lot of colors like this photoshoot, you should select obi (belt) which includes one of these colors for creating well-balanced style
I see.
It looks nice to use the black sash band (ornament worn over an obi) as an accent item.
The yukata kimono with this size of pattern shown on this photoshoot would be well-matched to both short ladies and tall ladies.
Since the color of yukata kimono is bright, you could create cute atmosphere regardless of color of your skin or hair.

Kyoto rental yukata kimono coordinate (3)

aeon style fashion
On this photoshoot, the type of pattern is modern and cool. However, this lady creates cute atmosphere on whole coordinate since she uses light and vivid colors such as pink, light blue and purple as accent colors.
Since this yukata kimono has light tone, it’s also well matched to ladies who have dark skin or light hair.
In terms of color of obi (belt), if you use the color which is contained in yukata, it is well-matched and looks beautiful. However, if you use vivid pink like this photoshoot, it’s the best for expressing cuteness.
It’s cute, isn’t it.
You could create grace coordinate by using decorative string (used to hold a kimono sash in place) as an accent item.
On this photoshoot, her yukata contains a lot of colors. In that case, for the bag, it’s nice to use the color which is contained in yukata. You could create overall harmony.

Kyoto rental yukata kimono coordinate (4)

kimono-ya shop kururi
This yukata kimono used traditional flax-leaf pattern has calmer atmosphere than the other types of Japanese pattern.
This yukata kimono has different atmosphere from kimono coordinate (1), (2) and (3).
This size of pattern would be O.K. for both short ladies and tall ladies.
This coordinate is well-matched to ladies who have white skin and black hair.
This lady uses a reversible half-width obi (belt) . She reveals both inside and outside of it.
In case that the color and the pattern of yukata are simple like this photoshoot, it would be nice to add one more color by thinking out how to tie obi (belt). It makes your yukata style gorgeous. like this photoshoot, it would be nice to make you gorgeous by think out how to tie obi (belt) for adding one more color.
In that case, if you select colors which are not so different each other like this pink and grey, it looks elegant and freshness.
This light pink creates feminine and soft atmosphere.

Kyoto rental yukata kimono coordinate (5)


The lady on the left The lady on the left

This is a thread dyeing yukata (prior dyeing of thread before cloth is woven) called “tsumugi” which is made of cotton.
This yukata has traditional tie-dye pattern called “yukibana shibori” (tie-dye pattern of snowflakes).
She creates freshness coordinate by using sherbet blue obi (belt).
Even though this yukata kimono has pattern, it’s not so clear. In that case, you don’t have to care about size of pattern regardless of your height.
I know what you mean.
This coordinate is well-matched to ladies who have fair skin. If you have tanned skin, you should reveal the white decorative collar of jyuban (underwear for kimono) for yukata kimono.

The lady on the right The lady on the right

This yukata kimono has traditional tie-dye pattern which is called “yukibana shibori (tie-dye pattern of snowflakes)”.
This yukata with tie-dye pattern could create well-balanced cute and elegant atmosphere. It’s one of the recommended types of yukata for all generation.
Since this yukata use white as grand color, it’s well matched to lady who has tanned skin as well.
I guess so.
She looks elegant with white obi (belt). Additionally, she uses a red netsuke (strap) and a hair accessory as accent items. We would like to imitate this coordinate which create not only calm but also cute atmosphere.
It’s also nice to wear this yukata as formal kimono style with jyuban (underwear for kimono) and socks.
There are many varieties of yukata for wearing with jyuban (underwear for kimono) which have calm pattern and material. It’s nice to wear like formal kimono.
Since there are a lot of yukata kimono selections, ranging from modern to antique and traditional types (stencil dyeing or tie-dyeing types), you could select your favorite yukata kimono.
Please enjoy selecting your yukata kimono like selecting the western types of dresses with a light heart.
We could enjoy various rental yukata kimono, couldn’t we.
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